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The Advantages of Using White Oak

White Oak tends to be more resistant to rot and water when compared to most other woods, which makes it an excellent choice for flooring. This is because White Oak has smaller, closed off pores in the grain, which makes our products more stable and dense and less prone to cupping or gaping.

What is special about white oak?

White oak trees work well as a shade tree due to its width and branch strength. They very rarely drop. Furthermore, of all oak tree varieties, white oak trees are the most resistant to disease and insects.

White oak is considered the most important hard- wood tree species in the eastern United States.

Hardtwood Custom Woodworks works its craft using white oak on a daily basis, and knows the wood inside and out. Our Hardtwood craftspeople select each plank of wood with care and intention, all to fit the client’s specifications. We are in the game of exceeding expectations.

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