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The importance of Windows

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Our homes are the very thing that protects us from intruders, weather and even stresses from day-to-day life. As every element of our home plays a significant role, windows are essential for letting in natural light and serve great purposes for our residence. Do not take windows for granted, as they play a vital role for you and your family to remain safe and healthy!

Ahhhh Fresh Air

Imagine a home without windows as the atmosphere continues to be circulated with thick stuffy air. This living situation would not be a secure place for anyone to live in. Opened windows are fundamental for letting in fresh air to circulate and make your home safe. Oxygen is the reason we live today and our windows bring “life” to our homes through natural ventilation.

Also, as windows are the source for air, they are the very thing that protects us from violent weather. Gusts of winds and precipitation remain on the outside as we keep warm and stay dry in our homes. Both opening and closing windows play vital roles in making living more efficient.

Let There be Light

Additionally, another important feature windows bring to your homes is natural light. A home without windows becomes dark and difficult to navigate. Not to mention, natural light brought on by windows helps decrease your energy bill throughout the day. Opening your door is not enough as it can be a security problem for intruders invading your home. Not to forget, natural light has proven to reduce the occurrence of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Plus it has even been noted that windows enhance your mood, in turn making your family and those that live within your residence happier, meaning healthier!

Safety Exits

Windows can serve as great escape routes in case of an emergency. Possible fires, earthquakes, flooding, and other natural disasters that may occur in your home can easily block your doors or make it difficult to reach them. Windows can be additional exits and worst case scenario—can be easily broken with an object if something is preventing you from opening your window.

The Importance of Windows

Without your windows, it would be difficult to give your neighbor a greeting in the morning or to explore outside from your home. Most importantly, you would not be able to breathe and feel secure within your residence. Always remember that windows are placed for your benefit and will always play a significant role in making your home complete and safe.

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