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Windows installation in San Francisco

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Windows are an integral part of the design and character of most buildings, and choosing appropriate replacement windows is frequently a critical aspect of any rehabilitation project. Along with the need for energy conservation, the various window systems available today can overwhelm an owner in selecting the appropriate treatment for window re-placement. Windows located on primary – the front or visible elevations – traditionally feature a higher degree of detail and ornamentation than windows located on secondary – the side or rear elevations. With such a variety of different window shapes, muntin profiles, methods of operation and configurations, seemingly minor changes can seriously damage or alter the appearance of a building, or overall neighborhood character. If replacement windows are proposed for any type of structure, the new windows visible from the public rights-of-way should be compatible with both the character of the neighborhood and the subject building in terms of size, glazing, operation, finish, exterior profiles and arrangement. Historic windows and character-defining window features on architecturally significant structures should be retained and repaired wherever possible.

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