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Wood Windows Benefits

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Installing custom windows in your home or business has many benefits, including:

Superior Aesthetics – when installing stock windows, if your opening is larger than the standard window sizes available, a gap is left that must be filled with sheet rock or molding and then patched and painted. Our custom replacement window options allow you to maximize viewing area without compromising your home’s aesthetics.

Improved energy efficiency – since custom windows are designed to fit exactly into your window opening, there is less opportunity for air leakages around the frame of your windows. Air infiltration around window openings is one of the leading causes of air loss in your home – a problem that can be virtually eliminated with the installation of custom windows.

Easier installation – whether you are a DIY

installer or you are hiring a professional window installation company, custom windows are easier to install. Custom windows require less prep work to install and fewer additional materials to “right-size” the window opening for the window – saving you time and money.

More design options – one of the most important benefits of custom windows for many people is the variety of options available. Unlike standard windows you buy at a hardware store or lumber yard, custom windows allow you to pick the styles and features that are most important to you. Additionally, custom windows give you the ability to use several window styles in your home to give each room a unique and distinctive design.

Easier to match – one of the biggest problems with standard window selections is that they are often hard to match to the interior and exterior of your home. Custom windows give you greater flexibility in styling and aesthetics ensuring a better look for your home or business.

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